Friday, July 1, 2011

The lady and the wishing well

She didn’t look blankly about
but focused threw her penny down
the most amazing wishing well
a mind could ere perceive.

She watched it pause a moment, two,
at the point of human love
before it disappeared within
a void the dreamers know.

Perhaps she was a dreamer, yes?
Perhaps she knew the scene by heart
and smiled the smile a woman does
when knowing all’s not lost?

But the penny certainly was lost
for ne’er again would it rise up
and sit within her palm of hand
in search of yet another well.

The one she chose was good enough
but of choice I think she wasn’t blessed
for are we not at love’s behest
in all we think and do?

Perhaps not so for who can know
why pennies disappear in wells
and not remain at human love
co-joined with one another.

So she turned and left that awesome well
that claimed her earthly riches
and poorer walked along the path
that surely led towards demise.

Don’t wait, don’t wait; she will be lost
like pennies thrown into a well
and sometimes, yes, I cry for her
but then I smile like women do!

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