Saturday, June 25, 2011


It’s not that my eyes are weak and unused
or my future sight barred by the present
but rather the love in deep inside
that causes a near over-flow.

Gone are the times of freedom to fall
when amidst the most understanding
because life has brought forth the norm
of complete and utter containment.

But when is the time, where the place,
for love’s heart to be made visible
when empathy no longer exists
and the most understanding have left?

The place is inside where the well of all things
grows deeper and wider than ever before
but of the time it is decreed
by the movements within love’s sphere..

But we do, if we wish, have a well
or we could maybe choose denial
or simply send love on its way
with the most understanding.

I think I’ll just cry and keep my well dry
so it doesn’t, you know, start to rust!


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