Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From this to that

When light shines forth upon the world
and all in awe bow down
there’ll be a fluttering of fear
within the bowels of earth.

She’s come to know, you see,
the footsteps, sadness, tears,
so long in residence upon
the outskirts of her life.

She’ll murmur softly, gently,
and tremble slightly so
unknowing that her fear of loss
will beget more suffering.

And when she knows she’ll strike a pose
of feigned indifference
and proceed undaunted with the chore
of birthing happiness.

But such is happiness to be
something that dances temporarily
and those in empathy with earth
will again light up the sky.

From this to that and back again
and earth each time gets closer to
a state of fearlessness
at losing what she’s come to know!


  1. How about showcasing other up and coming poets?

  2. Hello Era. If you scroll down on my site and click on Top 40 Poetry Blogs you'll find lots for your reading pleasure.