Monday, August 30, 2010

The shuffle and deal

From out Pandora’s box there flew
the questions, answers, thoughts, feelings,
and I gathered them like woman do
within the confines of review.

Laid start to end they made no sense
so I shuffled them like cards, you know,
and fanned them round as if to deal
the truth into mind’s memory.

But soon the truth became o’er laid
with my opponents cards from hell
and who can find the absolute
when past perceptions resolute?

So I tried to stack them neatly so
back into where they should remain
but once let out an unmatched pile
exceeds the boundaries of mind.

Today they walk in single file
in the ether of what’s still to be
bearing all and getting more
until ne’er again a “once before”.

But what of mind that can’t discard
the deal of life’s most hellish cards?

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