Monday, August 2, 2010

An "it"

I thought I caught it one day
from that special river of soul
where honesty forms a channel
and truth a solid base.

Lo and behold, an about-face
and the choice for a time of the mighty sea
until, as would happen, it became snared
on the line of the world’s many lies.

It landed then and sought to be free
until it knew that would never be
and so it travelled back, further back,
in search of a woman like me.

But I was gone from that river of soul
because no honesty in an about-face
that leaves the base dry and o’er laid
with layers and layers of falsities.

It happens that way when we turn away
from one who fishes in rivers of soul
but pity the “it” now joined and entwined
with the world’s unaccountable lies.

If asked today I’d certainly say,
“Don’t fish in the rivers of soul
because sooner or later all you will catch
is an infectious virus of lies!"


  1. Your writings are a work of a master prose and poetry writer.
    I think more that your words reflect a very determined inner strength to display the truth as you see it, come what may. Be safe Helen Howell.

    God Bless you and yours.

    JL Montgomery

  2. Thank you so much, JL, for your kind comment although perhaps the "master" part not totally deserved. I'm not too sure about the inner strength part either but I guess there is an inner need to document the journey of life. I try to do that as best I can or as best I am directed by "the inner".

    My very best to you and yours as well.
    Kindest regards