Thursday, October 18, 2007

Winter to summer

Winter’s sleeping death will pass like birds in flight
migrating to a warmer place to review its past mistakes
but in the time of ice and snow no blade of grass will stir,
no thunder split the air nor water flood the lakes.

September heralds spring when birds return again
and when gardens of hope renew eternal vows
but new flowers always grow as if they already know
they’re born anew into a world not ever seen before.

And fragile roots in soil abused need courage to sustain
their joy and optimism as they bow to nature’s laws
but in the law of seasons love repeats its endless call
and shows us passion’s glory in vibrant coloured fields.

Spring to summer glory, autumn, winter, then again,
turns within the wheel of a life that we perceive
but true eternal love which never ceases or begins
escapes attention of a mind that really can’t believe.

I believe and always will for truth lives deep inside
waiting quiet and silent through life’s cold winter years
but when I welcome spring and summer says it’s here,
my spirit dances with the stars in God’s own atmosphere!

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