Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The mind of a woman

The mind of a woman
like a pendulum
sways between pencil
and pen and ink entries
in her journal of awareness.

Not too far away
the eraser of hope
lies in Cheshire cat repose
in anticipation
of a summons to perform
whilst the ruler of reality,
smug in own importance,
knows soon it must decree
the drawing of a line
underneath a dream.

The rain falls today; it must be the rain
for it’s outside and not in 
like distant fellowship with the pain of love.

Drops of water mar her view, sun mingles with the gray,
and she is kept within encouraged by the chill
to pick up pen and ink or similes of them,
erase what cannot be, and rule off happiness.

The mind of a woman has lost the beat of time
but the tools of moving on pitter patter in her brain
when the rain falls ...
outside and not in!


  1. Insight on “The Mind of a Woman.”
    Very nice write, but I’m afraid way over my head.
    I’m just a man…


  2. JL - It takes a real man to admit that he is only a man. :) Glad you enjoyed the read nevertheless. Thanks!