Monday, October 15, 2007

Reality is born

Reality is born from integrated minds
in eager response to energetic growth
and experimental life its enlightenment.

I, the forsaken, vehicle of all knowing and vessel of emotion,
provide the tuck and stitch for reality’s survival
while threads of personality entwined and combined
lend authenticity to its existence.

Reality’s obedience to mind’s every whim,
no rarity on earth or unusual occurrence,
exceeds and goes beyond normal expectation
and bears well the fruit of experimental labours.

Too I’m called to obey, lift arms to love and hate,
and embrace pain’s embarrassment
as substantiating evidence
of regenerating power.

Time and reality still eons apart
force me to inculcate, assimilate, disperse,
fragmented elements of each experiment
as if I was a mailman on duty every day.

But when the children stop midway
and the circle of life remains a static sphere
then time has caught up with the reality of love
and no man can ignore or indeed put asunder
that most amazing creation of integrated minds!

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