Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Murmurings of Sea

In pitiful plea the murmurs of sea
rise up from the roar of tumultuous storms
with a need to now find wisdom from fear,
love from no love, and compassion from tears,
until like a queen revered and admired.

One a cliff looking down and back long ago
there still is a smile and forever blue eyes
dedicated to love’s most timely dismissal
of the madness surrounding soul loneliness.

Across and around, all spirit lands aside,
there flows a memory stream of pure ecstasy
but clarity and truth, mummies bound to secrecy
on the sea’s rolling move towards royalty.

Soft murmurs of the sea and there is no reward
if a plea like a bird flies overhead unheard
but I listen and can hear from a whisper to a scream
the words and intent of sea’s pitiful lament.

She says this and that – did you know it is a fact
that women and the sea interchange and interact?


  1. How fantastic!!
    Nice Helen. Really nice.


  2. Thanks, Jamie. Sorry, I've only seen your comment now. I haven't entered the next competition - they seem to want what I don't write. :)