Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selfish needs

From the pillow of a million sleeps
and the bed of unawareness
the newly born and fragile
awakes to a different world.

‘Tis the babe of selfish needs
that kicks at swaddling clothes
and bares its naked body
to the element of mind
sitting like a regal queen
on the throne of fiscal truths.

But a baby; oh, this baby cries
deep behind the eyes of life
that too long has numbed the will
to arise and walk
and the queen nods knowingly
but unsympathetically.

Hush, hush, little one,
it’s just the awful agony
of unrequited love
that makes you vulnerable
to an inner need
but I rule this kingdom mightily
with my money studded sword
so sleep, little baby, sleep
from now until forever.

And the babe of selfish needs
kicks restlessly in sleep!

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