Thursday, February 14, 2013

The truly meaningful

When I decide to leave this place
it would be, I know, to enter grace
and be who I have always been
when serving at the feet of love.

It’s not a love this world can know
when hormones always steal the show
and eyes attuned to light upon
the fa├žade of skin and bone.

I think to pack up all my life
but still so much comes daily back
for me to see, touch, and assess
what fits into my travel bag.

I think I’ll leave you here, you know,
because you knew yet still remained
distant and too far apart
from the truly meaningful.

And then there’s time that may decide
to change your state of mind
but of grace a constant who can know
the cut-off time for choice?

You and I and them and they
will take our choices to the grave
so just in case, yes, just in case,
choose wisely now or simply stay
a wanderer too far from grace
to hear and feel the full import
of the truly meaningful!

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