Sunday, February 3, 2013

No denial

I’ve changed my mind; there’s no denial
what was no longer can be
when love remains forever hidden
in nights that stretch to infinity.

And now too far from a land
that thrilled from the ground up
the reins that once tethered my heart
have slipped into life’s intolerable lies. 

Alone I cannot untangle the knots
that one upon each other all day
grow to keep me so well confined
within the realms of old comfort zones.

There is no comfort in endless nights
that hide the beauty of eyes
and render a smile as non-existent
between walls that have nothing to say.

I give up!  I’m ready to move
from a life too hard for the sensitive
into the beautiful, beautiful,
now perceived afterlife ~
but there’s no denial;
I can change my mind!

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