Friday, February 1, 2013


I once was open to the mystery
of how and why life happened to be
and then came love to make me then see
life’s just a game everyone plays.

There are no rules that govern me
but still the small print, free-will, you see
and I throw the dice, gather the chips,
and bet I can overthrow my destiny.

But trust your heart, I surely think not
for heart is a-skewed by love’s honesty
that not now or ever will fit
into that box marked “self-centeredness”.

It is my life, it is, it is,
and yet without love it’s a travesty
of life’s ever abiding deep mystery
I came to know when open, you know.

But you don’t know, you’re closed to “the know”
when ensconced in that damn awful box
but it’s not your fault; you’re a child, yes, a child
of this great and expansive deep mystery
termed, of course, the Universe!

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