Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is there ...

Is there a club for the love deprived
beyond the reach of the human mind
or do they meander the galaxies
lost and abandoned in loneliness?

Is there a club for the truth seeker
where gems are unearthed, cut, polished, strung, 
or do they merely adorn themselves
with whatever it is they can perceive?

Is there a club for the evil deceivers
where gloating and boasting their agenda
or are they banished to another time
to make amends as karma decides?

But there are no clubs for the guilty as charged
when one day lost, then dressed up, gloating,
for who has the price for clubs willy-nilly
when the soul penniless in the afterlife?

So what can we do but choose, choose,
and pay, pay, and pay again now
for a club of the mind that surely awaits
the up to date subscription payers. 

I don’t know, don’t really, really, know
but I pay, have paid, and will pay
for loving in spite of life’s artful design
that keeps me in each and every 
imaginable club!

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