Saturday, June 4, 2011

Please remember

I thought to raise up from the past
the words of love created last
for life finds me now silent, still,
in fear of what tomorrow brings.

‘twas a voice that hit the notes on cue
and gave to love its fulsome due
and I think sometimes you listened
in between your life’s ambitions.

But in the silence of love’s heart
there beats remembrances of past
and I find sometimes I tap-tap-tap
to a melody I cannot hear.

One day again like back then
you’ll hear me sing again
for nothing started ere can cease
because of life’s artful design.

Until, until, I sing again
remember, please remember!



  1. There are some things we never forget. They are always remembered.

  2. So true but sometimes (most times for some) just remembering isn't enough. I'll have to think of some inspiring message for those unfortunate few but ... don't hold your breath. There are some things that even I cannot do. Thank you so much for the visit.