Friday, May 27, 2011

New ideas

The rain falls softly down today
but I hear the pitter-patter
like the landing of new ideas
from out the ether of my dreams.

It’s a life-saving landing
that helps the mind to grow
and extend towards and beyond
the borders of possibility.

Beyond the borders, yes, indeed
where new ideas are birthed
an attraction and magnet
for a mind in stagnant mode.

And I feel the pull, the mighty pull,
from that land of all things new
but I hold on to the safe, secure,
as if death a better option.

Let go, let go, let mind grow
and I do sometimes because
over there, way over there,
lies the most grandiose scheme
a mind can ere perceive.

And I feel the thrill, the mighty thrill,
as if the new were real
but soon, too soon, it settles down
beneath the covers of “if only”.

Pity so all new ideas
that die before their time
to leave a woman/man

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