Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Story of a "she"

‘twas just the mist of days gone by
that made her lose her way
and the river of her longing
that pulled her in and down.

She stayed there for the longest time
no breath, you understand,
but humans are the weirdest things
to swim when they should drown

So she swam to the bank of pain,
gulped the feeling down,
and thrashed amidst the reeds of time
on her way to solid ground.

Solid ground, solid ground?
there’s no such thing she found
because where ere she stands she leans
first this way then the next.

She’s a leaning woman now
and you’ll see her on the ground
siding with the poor, veering towards the rich,
and swaying twixt her heart and mind.

She bends and turns round this and that
and only ever upright stands
when in the ether of her dreams
she lands in paradise.

It’s a land of all things grand
where eyes meet and understand
and once you’ve been there, yes, indeed,
you’ll surely wish to drown!

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