Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Like a thunderbolt the silence came
from out the sky to deafen me
to turmoil, strife, and clash of swords
between the enemies of peace.

Amidst the air that stuck within
I savoured so the feel of it
and felt it slowly, surely, peel
the air from lungs that couldn’t breathe.

But muscles taut refused the call
to sink into oblivion
and held their stance like the stalwart
until the break of dawn.

Dawn broke, it did; it surely does
and ‘tis the creep of sun’s good rays
that infiltrates the night’s foray
with brand new hopefulness.

Hopefulness?  Oh, yes, indeed;
it’s a gift open, unwrapped,
to place upon my mantle-piece
from this day forward until death!


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