Saturday, January 15, 2011

She's a woman

Not yet upon the precipice
of floating free and clear
she’s a woman, maybe me,
with laboured breath and footsteps.

The perfect goal and end of all
weighs heavy in her hands
but she knows to carry carefully
to ensure her place of comfort.

There’s a clipboard on her back
like mindful awareness
of what she needs to do and be
to reach the finish line
together with her pen of ticks,
change of mind eraser,
and an over-sized cross-off bag
to hold her dreams and fantasies.

Thus weighted she’s a traveller
towards the now unknown
and though she’d love to drop the crumbs
for you to follow on
she knows your appetite
doesn’t lean towards her own.

She’s a woman on a journey
with no free hands to wring a thought
as to how to free herself
from a heavy cross-off bag!


  1. Helen,

    i must say, you write extremley well. your poems are beautiful. i tend to follow you. would u please do the same, i am just getting started up.


    POem PErcy