Saturday, January 8, 2011

The bandage

Soft breezes blow the trees and me
towards the now unknown
and stir the dust of obstacles
around my tender feet.

It’s just the grains of testing me
that graze and cut resolve
till the bandage of my life-force
drapes o’er the wounded parts.

Sometimes it stays to irritate,
sometimes it’s cool and soothing,
but I love it when it tickles
the absurdity of thought.

I thought one day of loving you,
of jumping hurdles one by one,
of flying, diving, cartwheeling,
and being a beauty queen.

And so of thought it's not a “thing”
to run the whole course mindfully
but bucks and jumps, shakes off the reins,
and meanders into fantasy.

The bandage of my life-force;
today it tickles, yes, it does,
and tomorrow it will no doubt
tickle, tickle, tickle!

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