Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wrap, pack, shift

Mind keeps the heart in safety mode
and holds the reins just so
to ensure a world not understood
can’t pass on the blind side.

This mind, this mind, this deepest mind,
incites the heart to wrap, pack, shift,
but heart mourns the once-upon-a-time
when mind caused not a ripple.

The way forward then did not exist;
heart was settled, quiet, still,
and there was nought for mind to do
but imagine more and sketch, doodle.

And so in time it came to pass
that all mind’s pictures came alive
and presented to a baffled heart
a course beset with obstacles.

Heart braved the valleys, mountains, dales;
there is no death and yet it died
each time it fell, each time it cried,
and each and every time you lied.

But mind, this mind, this deepest mind,
still holds the reins and blocks a pass
so heart can safely wrap, pack, shift,
from … one doodle to the next!

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