Saturday, October 23, 2010

If ...

If I walked within lavender fields
I’d come out believing in you
and the beauty I saw will live evermore
somewhere in the folds of time.

Time folds itself around the good
and despatches it into the future
to lie unseen within gene pools
until restlessness overcomes peace.

The good has a feel not ever to leave
so if you’re thinking to fool me, don’t
and next time when you take my hand
don’t pretend it’s a new experience.

But you will pretend, I will pretend,
and we’ll both choose a different field
violet for me, green for you,
but in the field where good lives free …
everyone’s colour blind.

Nothing good ever dies but it procreates lies
when life splits the flowers from leaves!


  1. Just stopped by to let you know Poetic License will be posted tomorrow morning. Thanks again for your poem.

  2. Thank you, Tom. I'll check it out.