Thursday, October 7, 2010

From out the blue

So the drip and drop from out the blue
not under my control
burst forth and sprayed the ground
with the hidden and denied.

It pains to know the feel of such
unaltered from the start
and to know that earth’s capacity
too shallow for downpours.

I send it up; I do, I do,
from whence it surely came
and the brim loses conformity
in the act of obligation.

Yes, the blue, is karma clad.
What it gives it must receive
and suffer if it must
the construction of reservoirs.

‘tis just a building game, you know,
until, until, life calls time
and despatches blue behind the flow
of uncontrolled rainfalls.

My eyes are blue; how strange to be
in sync with the most far away
and yet I’m glad my knowledge base
tells me the blue will come again!

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