Saturday, October 16, 2010

The break

The unruly and seemingly out of control
blooms today in the garden of soul
as evidence of a freedom wish
kept secret for many a year.

Not really a secret but rather a need
hidden well in the pocket of life
self-stitched above the original
to take whatever’s dished out.

So the pocket of life gets fuller, too full,
and breaks from the seams of what seems to be
and brings forward into the light of day
a previously unknown you and me.

No introductions normal or formal
precede the process of integration
but flashes of insight appear/disappear
to make of the chore a tiresome one.

Tiresome chores; God save us all
from unearthing what should have been known
and make of pockets adornments perhaps
stitched closed to prevent the intake.

Life always forever puts in too much
but pockets don’t break unless overfilled
and it behoves us to know that the break
vital to shepherding wanderers
back into the fold of themselves!

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