Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Allowance asks a heavy price
from disapproval
for the bank has been depleted
o'er the years of knowing best
and the earn of points to let it be
a most difficult endeavour
in this economic climate.

But disapproval works its way
through a forest of insight
and rests beneath an aged tree
to re-asses the feel
till finally the move begins
towards another state.

And that state is one of willingness
to drape allowance like a cloak
o'er the knowing best
and to simply allow
the humanness of humankind
to flourish or flounder
according to the programme.

‘tis only when the programme fails
and minds begin to stir
that the knowing best emerges
from a lifelong cocoon
and I'm there in the flutter
touching, whispering,
and begging, pleading, needing,
your complete escape.

But I know to just allow
until time begets another time
and butterflies are butterflies!

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