Friday, March 27, 2009

A caveman

A caveman exceeded his boundaries
and crossed from the past to the now
and the honourable he without any fear
stood bemused in the centre of town.

Shoulders protested the extra weight
of the beast of burden he carried
and he looked for a spot to bury the lot
but, of course, too long he had tarried.

He thought to hijack a passing truck
but his luck was sunken in gloom
so instead of a truck a shooting star
to carry it up to the moon.

The man in the moon, nobody's fool
passed it along to the milky way
and then the sky rumbled out loud,
"'Send it back down to earth as rain".

The beast of burden tumbled right down
and, lo and behold, I was out
there in the rain collecting the pain
instead of just messing about.

"What to do now?" asked Lady O'Me
with the hey all soggy and wet
so she dived for a cave in the country
to pay off his karma debt.

And that Lady O'Me, nobody's fool
passed it off as a freak of nature
and then her heart died of overdue fright
because karma's a damn awful creature.

The caveman today still stands bemused
because he's made as a country lad
so he wanders the streets in a beggar's suit
until he becomes aware!

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