Thursday, April 30, 2009


So what is this courage that mostly lies fallow
to suddenly rise and open the door
when I heard not a knock, a tap nor a scrape
on the solidness of normality?

It let the wind in and the curtains drew back
and the force of a choice whistled in and then out
and I, the bedazzled, knew change was afoot
with determined intent to uproot and dislodge
the roots of a woman once firmly entrenched.

Too soon, too soon, but change doesn't care
to succumb to a mind's limited view
so it prods and propels courage to the door
of what surely was not ere thought before.

And wind isn't stupid to come and then go
without dropping a shower of dust particles
to make of the old a no-go area
like a terrorist camp in the then Rhodesia.

There's a sparkle and gleam to new horizons
that attracts and repels simultaneously
and as the decisions sway back and forth
the voice of sheer courage calls all to order.

Courage rules, you know, while a woman weeps
and cuddles up close when she's fast asleep
but courage, dear courage, close the damn door!
I'm tired, so tired, of moving, moving!

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