Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not a sunset

Not a sunset but a fire
with the devil's eyes
searing through the landscape
of inherent nature
and the turn from this to that
a complete and utter disregard
for the beautiful.

And we were beautiful
before the heat of fear
and before the breathing in
of smoke ridden atmospheres
but now to ash the glorious
and once glamorous.

And ash unharnessed moves unbound
in the wind of circumstance
like lovers seeking solace
in the arms of many "girls".

So the beautiful now scattered, spread,
no longer empowered
breaks and severs spirit pacts
like they themselves were broken up
and togetherness a thing unknown
for the duration of a life.

But sometimes, just sometimes,
wind circles back again
and deposits all the scattered bits
one upon each other
and that pile of ash becomes again...
the beautiful.

I feel as if I'm beautiful but cannot ere be sure
because not a sunset but a fire
with the devil's eyes
happened before my time!

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