Saturday, April 12, 2008

I trust but ...

In the killing fields of a loveless life
saviours rise from out the past
to throw the bones of stimulus
to the needy underdogs.

The meat is gone but the chew on bones
a seeming sustenance
for the now tied and tethered
to the stake of ripened age.

Throw the bones! The hungry need to eat
and ‘tis now the moulting season
of a love's most perfect fit
that can't go on and on
without the wholesome meat.

But I trust beyond this one lifetime
the voice of love will call me thrice
and supply the manner and the means
for true essential growth.

I trust but there's luck in the party packs
and timing in the candy
and all the way to go to the tallest tree
before a satisfied recline
in the shade of happiness!

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