Friday, April 18, 2008

More befitted

The wind blows today to strip the trees
and scatter the leaves beyond my sight
but more of the same returns one day
to adorn the now bedraggled and spent.
And scores of police are on the streets
to do a clean sweep of criminal minds
but into the cracks they scuttle and hide
to come back again more befitted to stay.
I’ve waved a wand and tried to see love
making a place in the world’s disarray
but the try, try, again, like leaves on a breeze
circles and then goes up, up, away.
Into the sky but, oh, fly like a bird
because birds keep their eyes on the ground
searching and hunting for sustenance
to keep them alive one day at a time.
To keep love alive is a matter of mind
and I do it these days for you
because I believe it comes back again
much more befitted to stay ~
but, oh, how this life strips my resolve
and makes of the heart a criminal!
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