Saturday, February 9, 2008

What to wear?

There was no where else to go except into my soul
and in the closet all my clothes awaited my free choice
but how to choose the look, the feel, the way I ought to be,
to travel through the murky depths back up to being me.

I chose the naked truth, laid aside my human guise,
and revelled in the freedom of no preconceived ideas,
to see reflected back at me designs of other times
and who I was and then was not repeated like dot nine.
In the dark through closed eyelids shadows stirred and moved
and I chose there the finest from the many past loves gone
to come again and swim with me through waters of the soul
into the present time where humans live and grow.
And so we loved soul to soul in the beauty of our dreams
where emotion naked and laid bare spoke a thousand words
but still we swim through water unable to stand proud
on land of planet earth and sand of my home ground.
I stand before the mirror uncertain, scared, afraid,
red or blue; how to choose the now best cover-up
to not violate a truth or cast aside a deep insight
brought to the surface from my unconscious mind.
It seems to me no candle burns but passion spotlights soul
and in the glow of all I know, I need no dress-up clothes!

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