Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bound and tied

The rope of yesterday too tight in my today
binds my hands together in static prayer-like mode
and tells how other lives in figure eight displays
can wind a lie and twist the truth to suffocate a soul.

I breathe for you the air denied, exhale only love,
and draw from you unto myself the pain of freedom gone
but too in life’s dark dungeon damp a sense of happiness
can ooze from walls and doors and make from weak the strong.

How many days, how many weeks, moments, even years,
but time I measure thus; forefingers both and thumbs
moving, always moving, from a triangle to a rectangle
until no space between tells me release has come.

And in the clouds a crown awaits and I will stand aside
but here on earth I suffer, wait, and wish for you new air
to breathe again belief in love and immortality
decreed as our birthright by one who really cares.

But you and I perhaps can be silent Gods unseen
directing destiny merely by what we believe!

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