Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Towards the end of May

It caught my eye one day towards the end of May,
obscured but partly so by wayside flowers wild,
and I paused to feel and enjoy reflected memories
glinting, gleaming, glistening, in the field of hope.

Confused it seemed familiar as if I’d spied before
a diamond in the broken bits of a tall wine glass
snapped from the stem by time’s acquired disdain
and discarded on the run from emotive states.

Perhaps an uncut crystal, a clean and fresh dewdrop,
and  wary I walked forward from where I was before
to get a closer look.

But diamonds are too precious to be thrown away,
crystals too far buried beneath the surface of a life,
and dewdrops glisten only for too short a time
to warrant the delay on my walk that day in May.

And yet I paused, and yet I moved,
until the clouds brought in the rain
to hasten my withdrawal
from the onset of insight.

Sometimes peaceful I go back to see if it’s still there,
sometimes I have to wonder why I stopped to stare,
but most times my tears distort so grand a view
to leave me looking down at the same familiar ground.

Diamonds, crystals, dewdrops,
and I’m a silly fool
for believing, knowing, sensing,
they’re a part of you and me!

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