Saturday, February 16, 2008

I dream again

Go, go, go - let no one stay
to see the wreck of yesterday.
Where once a body tall, proud, stood
now lies the shell of soul.

Humbled by the mighty sea
I dream again of you and me
and merge my senses all as one
to hear the scent of you.

My voice trails wide in open sky
high above the magic isles
and I watch the fading echo
disappear beyond my sight.

Coloured is your smile
sliding into bold outlines
and in my heart the taste
lingers to tempt my soul.

And I’m going, going, soon
to speak my loving song
where rainbows whisper, oh, so low
and butterflies stir up a breeze.

Upon this shore a blind man sees,
the deaf hear clearly silent pleas,
and hands touch, stroke, embrace a mind
with reverence to its awesome power.

But I walk on clouds in heaven’s blue
and fly on land for only you
because, because, oh, just because …
love empowers me!

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  1. I really enjoyed your I dream again poem. Feel free to post any of your poems on my poetry website I started. Peace.

  2. Thank you Jon. I appreciate you stopping by for a read and will check out your poetry site when I am on home ground again.