Sunday, December 30, 2007

Giving up

 The trees are falling one by one
as if they’ve given up
the need and will to stay
in love with mother earth.

Some decide a drawn-out death
of slow and creeping fear
that kills the leaves and trunks
before severing the roots.

I too could fall or suffer more
but the sky like my desire
bears down the sheer enormity
of what I’m hoping for.
It’s blue for me today devoid of obstacles,
tomorrow maybe clouds of fear
will crowd out the beautiful
and bear down hopelessness.
Well so much so for that
because the blue is always there
waiting like a lover
to speak of many things
silently and reverently
by its very presence.
The sky is blue, deep, and new
each time it chooses life
and pity so the trees, you, me,
who think of giving up!

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