Monday, December 3, 2007

Left, right, behind

There could be rain today falling on my window pane
and lightening in the sky because of love’s denial
and there could be thunder rumbling like a deep heartache
if I was asleep to the spirit in your keep.

There, you see, in the mind where memory abides
I feel but cannot see who stands left, right, behind,
the body beautiful of one who claims a name
but disowns the unseen fibres of inheritance.

There none the less like a shimmering heat haze
he dances in the spotlight of eternal grace
and infuses my brain with the meaningful
not meant to be known to any but the soul.

‘Tis a mixing up of real/unreal into a witches broth
that bubbles need and boils desire into the atmosphere
there silently to lie until moonlight bids goodbye
and the sun no longer rises in accordance with the times.

Left, right, behind, and there’s a smile within that mystery
because amazing grace effectively hides his given face
and who can not applaud such incredible dexterity
that keeps him hip-hopping a lifetime out of reach.

There could be rain tomorrow because now I choose to sleep!

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