Thursday, January 3, 2008

The rebellion of sky

The sky is rebelling against my desire;
can you see how the light flickers and dims
like strength of purpose showing the way
and then succumbing to thoughts of the day?
Oh, this stallion of life must be reigned in
and tethered to stakes of determination
to see to the end the decision to love
and to manifest dreams into reality.
“Fine” said the one of deafening sound
up there in the sky where promises stay
“But the do it and make it and stick to the rules
not known on earth for having much worth.”

And so comes the rain as a fillip for brains
that harbour inside small grains of truth
hoping, you see, to grow mountains from hills
and harvest the crop of forever love.  

And love is a maker, a mover, a shaker
that releases the tied into obvious life
and brings the future right into today
quicker than lightening flashes in sky.
But all can wait by the rivers of time
for we are the hills growing mountainous love
one second, one minute, one day at a time,
until dreams are real and love is believed!

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