Friday, April 26, 2019

How knowing

Wise are the ears to hear in a crowd
the plea of a pebble down on the ground
to arise as a boulder large and stately
in belief of a power, the great Almighty.

Keen are the eyes of limitless sky
to spot at a distance the beauty of life
multiplying and changing but never to leave
the storehouse of mind’s enlarged memory.

But how knowing the trees of mankind’s greed
and the sea in denial of hostility
still believes and behaves exactly the same 
as it did in the days before I was made.

Then there is me with a need to be true
and embrace the fullness of a new view
like a mother, a lover, a friend, human being,
saved from disease and internal bruising.

But how knowing I am of seasons and tides
and the overpowering need of these times
to uphold the system of death and destruction
as a reason to not try for perfection.  

Mortal ears and eyes; do they perhaps lie
or merely impound the wisdom of mind?

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