Monday, April 22, 2019


For many years she tiptoed around
the real and meaningful
in the hope that life would reward
her brave if foolish attempts.

There were walls and circles to walk around,
very many doors to be closed
and a heart to be chained up and locked
and she did indeed do it all with aplomb.

And yet she was shadowed by the meaningful
that lurked in the corners of her daily life
till finally, finally, unexpectedly
it blocked her forward momentum.

She had to go backwards sight unseen
to find that lost meaningful
and although she stumbled and fell
she finally arrived at the door of awareness.

She was welcomed, of course, with open arms
but now she can never return
but that’s okay because she knows
she had to be there to be here.

And so of journeys let them not ever be
a complete and utter waste of time
by propelling us forward and not backwards
into awareness of the meaningful!

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