Monday, July 24, 2017

The world

Far from the meadow where once there was love
a gypsy ponders the state of this world
where monsters appear in human disguise
and lies have killed off the truth.

Yet between the grey of human disgrace
pockets of true blue can be seen  
and they draw me up and further up
back into my core belief.

But grey moves around all the time
and encircles the blue until no way out
and she wonders what happens to belief
when evil takes over the sky.

Perhaps it survives, perhaps it dies,
or perhaps it merely smiles
because evil will soon, very soon,
disappear when the sun comes out.

I wait for the sun although it’s not love
in the absolute sense of the word
but love like the sun has a purpose in life
no evil can ever blot out.

And when belief is back in the core
and monsters and lies are fried by the sun
there’ll be only love in deed and in word
to make that gypsy say, “What a wonderful world”.

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