Saturday, August 5, 2017

Foundations of rock

Formations of rock surveying the scene
stand firm near the edge of approaching winter
vulnerable and exposed to man’s evil ways
and saddened by how a person can change.

 But if I look down to the base of it all
and gently embrace the visible truth
layers and layers confirm and bear out
the intense upheaval of earth.
And then was created another good place
with diligent care to the gift of free will
to enable the testing and assessing
of sincerity, honour, empathy, love.

Today the rocks stand a paradise lost
like a woman alive without a good man
alone but strong to suffer the sun
and not turn away from the wind.
Where are the lovers?  They’ve gone everyone
to pointless realms of electronic release
to gain and acquire the meaningless, false,
and upturn foundations of physical love.

 And the sea one day will rise up to hide
the signs and symbols of faithfulness, trust,
and the trees will appear to grow from the sea
in the inexplicable manner of life.
But not today, tomorrow, next week,
not until the earth says, “Enough”,
and we, the few, who believe in tough love
from above will at last understand.

The universe whispers, I hear and believe,
that time should stand still, remember the feel,
and recall again how such intense energy
upturned the world for a reason, a cure.

 And when it is known, will time then deliver
a warning and caution to the sea not to rise
and trees not to think they can live forever
on watery foundations of improper love?
When it is known it may be too late,
too late to reverse an intolerable fate.

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