Sunday, June 11, 2017

And so ...

The jackpot’s guaranteed yet still the itch of palm
to feel the grain and texture of immortal love
and the scratch and scratch of searching minds
sends the itch a-creeping deep and deeper still
into the psyche, see?

And so the body squirms and jiggles  
in the light of oncoming obstacles
planned to coincide with an indecorous stretch
into the mystical. 

But this … this surreptitious invasion
works silently and stealthily to satisfy the psyche
by whatever means fits the circumstances.

And so there’s pain and no gain, an illness, poverty,
together with the so and so,
 the so and so  of how life goes,  
before the knowing that ~

immortal love is just an itch no human being can scratch
or dent, or break, or disengage from the psyche, see?   

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