Wednesday, May 31, 2017

As dead

Love lies as dead in the archives of mind
but a touch and it rises again
not to stand tall and proud
but to strut like a peacock and grin.

That grin comes quite naturally
to one who has won the battle
but love never fights, you know, you know,
so what is the battle it’s won?

Simply the battle to be entrenched
and though dead to still be alive
but from my human perspective
it’s an endeavour to no avail.

If I look further perhaps it can be
something to celebrate
but stuck in these times of limited view
who can attest to something unknown?

Strut as you wish and grin all you will
but a touch doesn’t last forever
so back love  will go to lie as dead
and it all seems silly to me.

The meaning of silly?  Well, here we are:

“Silly did not originally refer to the absurd or ridiculous –
 in fact quite the opposite.
The word derives from the old English word seely,
meaning happy, blissful, lucky or blessed.”


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