Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I lost something along the way
and, indeed, it took so many days
to know at last it can’t be found
down here on this unholy land.

It was a search that sapped the heart
of all its good and precious parts
to leave it flat and lifeless
with no breath to pump it up.

And yet it breathes now just enough
to keep it mostly strong and tough
to bear the loss with fortitude
and all of its embedded grace.

It can’t forget, no, not at all
the times that put it so in awe
of love’s amazing sneak and creep
into life’s normality.

The sky is blue, today it’s blue
with no clouds to bar my view
of where it sits so far above
my stretch and reach of long ago.

I know it’s there and you should to;
true love is always faithful, true!

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