Thursday, October 16, 2014

The simple heart

Why, oh, why, do lovers sleep
between the sheets of sheer deceit
and twist them till no longer like
the dictates of an honest mind?

It takes a time to disengage
from this indeed unholy cage
that holds with such disarming charm
as if not doing any harm.

But harm is done to one ensnared
and who indeed quite unprepared
for evil’s artful acts and deeds
that cause the heart to bleed.

But heart, oh, heart, the simple heart
grows to become a thing apart
and flies up to the clouds on high
where honesty a state of mind. 

And there it lives safe and sound
protected from the maddening crowd
and where indeed it smiles relief
at its escape from grief.

The simple heart; yes, it flies
beyond the reach of evil’s ire!

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