Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The correction stick

Now that gypsy lady sits upon
the rock of her Gibraltar
and from her vantage point can see
the pompous and inflated,
the calm and sweet serene,
and how the harsh aggressive
bend the best of them.

No more she vows again to be
one of those upon their knees
and so she turns her eyes upon
her very own and unique
manner of being.

Not perfect for no one can be
when blessed with only half a brain
but she knows the right and wrong of thought
and wields her correction stick.

Not always with desired results
for such is life to sway intent
and so she works upon her strength
at holding and directing
her oft used correction stick.

If you look today you’ll see her there
not ashamed to stand up straight
and practice, practice, day and night
until she knows with all her might
to throw that damn correction stick
into the sea of neglect.

Neglected, yes, but will still be
a tool to use when blown off course
from how she knows to think, love, be,
but, oh, the wind blows constantly
in this land of human beings!

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