Saturday, June 30, 2012

My story

There’s a story in my African sky
clearly seen and understood
when the clouds have passed on by
and winter says it’s arrived.

I could read it word for word out loud
and change my tone according to
the feeling of the times
if you asked me to.

No one asks; of course, they don’t
because history isn’t captivating
in a world that moves now double-pace
towards annihilation.

But my story never disappears
caught as it is in heaven’s blue
and when I look up, up, up,
I can see love smiling down.

That’s all it does; just smile, smile, smile,
to make me think my story is
completely acceptable
so why then be so woe betide?

I wrote you in, you see, in my forever story
but then the clouds rolled on it
and left a void where should have been
a truly meaningful conclusion.

When what we write has been erased
and love still smiles down, down, down,
what can we do but smile right back
because … one smile deserves another!

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