Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gypsy unseen

That gypsy unseen opened her heart
and for a moment thought she could fly
but no wings appeared to lift her up
into the sky of her only desire.

She studied her wagon and how it swayed
weighted down with her goods and chattels
and how the power that pulled her along
seemed no longer interested.

Still she moved going nowhere slowly
not ever stopping to look and to feel
and made her way to the river bank
intent on reaching the sea.

She’s still there today camped in dismay
and there within the pervading silence
she asks for the strength to pray
for those ever elusive wings.

But the trees had nothing to say
and the river still wends its way
down to the sea beyond the reach
of gypsies who cannot fly.

Sad to say the tale ends that way
but in the movement of rivers to sea
you’ll hear the prayers of that gypsy unseen
and you’ll know she’s stronger today!

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