Saturday, June 23, 2012

The closet

When the heart makes its escape
from the closet of its life
it leaves no jacket, hat, or shoes
to speak of its existence.

The door now stands ajar
like a challenge to the brave
to step over the threshold
into that empty space.

And they stand like you and I
uncertain what to do
because the dark of the unknown
always terrifies.

But not to worry, no, no, no,
‘tis just a closet empty, dark,
with nothing left behind to speak
as the heart once surely did.

And the brave, yes, the brave
venture nearer, nearer, in
and suddenly the door bangs closed
and keeps them there confined.

When the brave in darkness terrified
‘tis just a moment, year, lifetime,
before heart again opens doors
and the brave, yes, the brave
must simply wait and be
patient in the closet
of life without a heart!

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