Saturday, March 31, 2012

Every day

What demon raises up the past
to live again as if alive
and turn the dawn of brand new days
into the setting sun?

I’m angry now and yet I see
‘tis just a smile the past displays
like the winner at a card game
smug and satisfied.

And so in the times of being still
I shuffle, deal, shuffle, deal
and play the game alone to be
finally the victor.

But pointless, useless, so in vain
for only death can clear the mind
so take the pot, oh, smiling past
and revel in your evilness.

And when I die so too will you
so what’s this game we’re playing
that leaves the victor/loser
as if they never were?

The answer’s simple, don’t you know
every day’s the first of April!   


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